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Dalmata Adult

Complete food especially for the Dalmatian from 15 months edad.Tiene into account nutritional needs, and has been specially formulated with a low purine to favor maintaining urinary health.

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Low levels of purines help moderate the excretion of uric acid in the urine , thereby reducing the risk of urinary calculi formation. The Dalmatian 22 Adult is specially formulated with low in purines.


Sensitive skin: patented complex of vitamins B vitamins and a specific amino acid helps reinforce the protective function of the skin and reduce skin dehydration. The addition of vitamin A helps skin regeneration and the production of sebum, while EPA and DHA fatty acids help to limit skin irritation.

Toning heart : a complex of taurine, L - carnitine and Omega 3 fatty acids , Dalmatian 22 Adult helps maintain the proper functioning of the heart muscle .

Spots with a rich color : a strengthened phenylalanine and tyrosine , along with essential amino acids pigment synthesis , optimized content the intensity of coat color .

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